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Friday, February 19, 2010

Exciting New Ways to Get Your Historic Aviation Fix!

To my loyal readers and subscribers,

Many thanks to you for helping me to spread the word about the exciting news, events and of course, the fantastic people and aircraft that make the aviation world go around.

While I will seek out and report on stories that believe to be interesting, I'd really like the content that I provide here to be driven by you, the reader. That's why I want you to join the conversation, literally, and interact with me directly by posting comments on my posts, as well as giving me your story suggestions, aircraft sale updates and event information as well. Likewise for any questions you might have.

There are several ways to stay up to date with us, including of course the blog you're reading, as well as:

The Historic Aviation YouTube Channel:

I have only two videos up so far, but they're my first YouTube uploads and I hope you will enjoy them. Many more to follow, as I travel to more airshows, events and museums and learn how to work my digital video camera better.

Twitter-Join the Conversation:
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The Official Historic Aviation Journal and Market Report Facebook Page:!/pages/Historic-Aviation-Journal-and-Market-Report/188147459612?ref=ts

New videos, Tweets and Facebook posts will be made with increasing frequency, as I begin to dive headlong into the historic aircraft market and cover more great events. Thank you for your patience, now that I am able to begin posting on a more regular basis.

Best regards,

Dave Neyens


  1. Your style of presentation is very impressive. The meaningful contribution of your mind reflects on those people who are looking for new ideas and informations regarding historic aviation fix. I would like to tweet on it and keep spying at every moment you blogging.

  2. Many thanks for your comment! I am glad that you enjoy the content. Historic aircraft and the personalities involved have always been a big area of interest for me. I have been attending air shows and displays again, and have been planning some new posts.