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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sold: Messerschmitt Bf 109 "Lake Find" (Part Two)

Last post, I left off with the last combat action of Messerschmitt Bf 109 410077 and its Spring 1944 descent into the frigid waters of Estonia's Lake Swiblo. Almost 50 years later in 1990, it was raised to the surface and recovered by a group of Russian aircraft enthusiasts who worked at a small Moscow company called "Retrotechnika", who upon recovery, transported it to Moscow. Copies of newspaper articles documenting the recovery (in German) are with the aircraft and one is shown below.

Around 1990-1992, the Bf 109 was moved to Tuchino AFB in Moscow and stored. Soon after, it came to Georgia, USA and was offered for sale on the warbird market by Ben Kolotin of a firm called "Kolair". The plane was then purchased, along with an earlier Bf 109 G-2, parts of another G-6 and several wings, by noted collector the late Ed Zaleski  of British Columbia, Canada, who passed away in 2009. According to Mr. Zaleski's son Mark, the aircraft and components were stored in Washington State, USA.
Next, the aircraft and parts inventory was sold by Mr. Zaleski to Mr. David Prewett of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who purchased the aircraft in 1999 for restoration, moving it from Canada to Australia. Over the next few years, Mr. Prewett acquired two spare engines, comprising one DB 605 cylinder block, crankshaft and connecting rods, as well as an assembled, detailed and very complete (possibly overhauled) DB 605 engine. The overhauled unit is remarkably complete and highly detailed, including a turbo-supercharger and fuel-injection plumbing.

 Propeller hub assembly and five prop blades, with two mounted for the photo. Note the assembled DB 605 V-12 within its cradle on the left, the spare DB 605 cylinder block, and the aircraft's original, battle-damaged DB 605/601 engine to the right.
A view of the overhauled and impressivley detailed Daimler-Benz DB 605 inverted V-12 engine.

Original, battle-damaged DB 605/601 V-12 engine (DB 605 engine block, DB 601 cylinder heads). Note damage to cylinder block, exposing cylinder sleeves. Parts of valvetrain visible as well. 

The spare DB 605 engine block. Cylinder liners/sleeves are not in place, providing a rare glimpse into the internal structure.

Spare DB 605 crankshaft, appearing fresh from the machine-shop.

Carefully boxed spare DB 605 connecting rod assemblies.

The airframe of the Bf 109 is incredibly preserved. Restoration was begun under Mr. Prewett's ownership of the project, most evident here at the windscreen framing and firewall.

The wings retain their original Luftwaffe cross markings. Original windscreen framing and upper cowling seen as well. The black sqauarish item underneath is the aircraft's original fuselage-mounted fuel cell.

Main fuselage section, wing and wingtip.

View of the impressively restored cockpit, with instrumentation, controls and restored/refabricated forward cockpit canopy section.
Closeup of the instrument panel.

Upper engine cowling, with ducts for the twin machine-gun barrels and "blister" fairings for the machine-gun breeches.

During his tenure, Mr. Prewett also accumulated an amazing amount of documents, including blueprints, workshop manuals, parts catalogues, technical drawings, and more. These documents cover all systems of the aircraft, including the Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine. Some have been translated to English.

Today, The airframe, engines, parts inventory and documentation are carefully stored within two standard-size shipping containers under climate-controlled conditions. All parts and components are fully cross-referenced to a detailed spreadsheet inventory list. It is hoped that this aircraft will eventually be restored to airworthy condition or restored for static museum display. It is also an impressive static museum display piece “as is”, and could provide a wealth of original parts and data to assist with another restoration.

Parts Inventory:
Airframe as recovered
2 RH type F wings
Pair engine mounts
Pair undercarriage legs and mounting brackets.
Bomb /belly tank mounting frame
DB 601 engine badly damaged
Parts subsequently acquired over the years
DB605 engine
DB 605 cylinder liners
Centre and rear cockpit canopy
Windshield frame
Main wheels and tail wheel with tyres
Port side brake assembly
Tail wheel strut
Wing flap
Supercharger intake
Supercharger and oil pump
Complete instrument panel
Seat base
Electrical panel
Mother compass
Oxygen regulator
Oxygen mask
Undercarriage hydraulic cylinder
10 x cowl latches
Fuel and oil caps
Relay assembly for magneto
External power socket
Battery mainswitch
2 x hydraulic pumps,
Primer pump
Firewall hydraulic units
generator regulator
2 x oxygen bottles
rudder pedals
Electric starter motor
Fuel injection pump
12 Fuel injector nozzles
24 spark plugs
2 coolant tanks
Radio Antenna
New "old stock" bolts studs and circlips
Umformer- inverter for artificial horizon

Technical Information
Engine workshop manuals
Airframe drawings
Parts book, "K" version, Tragwerk rechts
Parts book, "K" version, Tragwerk links
Parts book "K" version Rumph, fuselage
Parts book "K" version Triebwerk, engine systems, attachments and cowlings
Parts book G1-G6 version, fuselage, landing gear,fuel systems, cooling systems, hydraulic systems, control systems.
Parts book G1-G6 version, engine attachments and systems, armaments, radios.
Parts books F/G-G2 similar to above.
Ersatzerliste Fur DB 605A/B, Engine parts book
Einspritz gerate fur DB flugmotoren
DB 605A/B flugmotoren handbuch (English)
DB603 flugmotren handbuch
Reparatur anleitung DB605A/B, engine repair manual.
Einbau-mappe fur den DB605A/B flugmotor, engine repair manual
DB601E-G, 603 A-F 605A-C, flugmotoren Schlosser, engine repair manual.
G2 G6 Flight manual, translated from Finnish into English.
German Aircraft standards 1920-1939.
BF109G1-K4 engines and fitting (English)
BF109G2-G6 flight manuals (translated from Finnish to English)
BF109G2 Electrical . Finnish State Aircraft Factory.
F1-F4 Teil 8A Schubwaffenlage (armament) MG17/FF & 151
G5 Teil 8A Schubwaffenlage MG151 -2x 131
G6U4 Teil 8A Schubwaffenlage MK108-2x131
G6U4 Teil 0 Allgemiene angaben
G3 Teil 9D Bordenfunkanlage (radio) FuG16-17-25
G3 Teil 0 Allgemeine angaben
G3 Teil 0 Beheift 1
G5 Teil 0 Allgemaine angaben
G5 Teil 7C, GMI anlage, nitrous oxide.
K4 Teil 9B Electriches bordnetz
Wiring schematic derived from Finnish G2


  1. I have seen both currently flying 109s. One was formerly owned by the Russell Aviation Group located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I got to see this 109 fly at Thunder Over Michigan a few years back. This E model 109 is currently for sale. The other flying 109 is located in Everett Washington, which is a bit north of Seattle, at the Flying Heritage Collection museum. I didn't see this one fly, but I did see it in the museum along with their airworthy Focke-Wulf 190A and 190D and other rare planes. The Evergreen Aviation Museum in Oregon has a third 109 that is in airworthy condition, but it is not flown. I wonder how long this restoration will take. It would be cool to have another 109 in the air.

    1. The Evergreen 109 is a's a Spanish built Buchon.

    2. Hi,

      Not sure why you posted that comment...the Evergreen plane is another one entirely. Not this one. But since you posted it, how do you know?

    3. The Evergreen aircraft is an original Me-109 not a Buchon, you need just look at the oil cooler cover and cowling to see that. As they are not the modified type needed for the RollsRoyce engine in the Buchon's.

    4. The Evergreen aircraft is a genuine Me-109 not a Buchon as you state, you need only to look at the cowl and oil cooler intake to know that as they are not the modified type need to accommodate the Rolls-Royce engines used in the Buchon's.

  2. Hello,interessed in flare cardige holder from Cockpit of someone have a item like this for sale ;)

  3. I would like to know real value of these:
    Leaf of airscrew from Messerschmitt Bf 109
    Wheels from Messerschmitt Bf 109
    Luftwaffe Map 145-135cm with any meter
    2x any other meters as you can see on the picture

    Is there anybody who can tell me real value of these things?
    I would like to know real value of these: Leaf of airscrew from Messerschmitt Bf 109 Wheels from Messerschmitt Bf 109 Luftwaffe Map 145-135cm with any meter 2x any other meters as you can see on the picture Is there anybody who can tell me real value of these things?

    1. Hello,

      It really comes down to a what a willing buyer will pay and what a willing seller will accept, fortunately or unfortunately. I would suggest that you have a look online by typing in the item you are interested in, followed by the keyword "auction" or "value" and see what comes up. The French auction house Artcurial regularly auctions aircraft parts and memorabilia, including many highly technical items. Selling prices are posted to their website. These two ideas should help you advance your search for market values.

  4. Mám na prodej originál díly na Messerschmitt bf 109, kdyby měl někdo zájem.

    1. Thank you for posting your comment, Elmo! I have translated it and here it is in English:
      "I am selling original parts for Messerschmitt Bf 109, if someone wants."

    2. Dobrý den , Elmo : Můžete mi prosím poskytnout stručný popis nebo výpis Bf 109 dílů , které máte k dispozici pro prodej ? Pokud je zdlouhavá, neváhejte a napište mi přímo na . Můžu předat Vaše zpráva spolu , pokud se vám líbí.

      Hello, Elmo: Can you please provide a brief description or listing of the Bf 109 parts you have available for sale? If it is lengthy, feel free to email me directly at I can pass your message along if you like.

  5. For clarification...

    The Evergreen 109 is a BAD Me109 G10 restoration...that has BUCHON (Spanish wings), as the originals were missing when acquired. You can tell from the wheel wells. Also there is CD walkaround available showing the complete restoration.

    This specific project was offered to me for $100,000.00 US 10 years ago...then a crooked Austrian company bought it, and immediately started offering offer it for around $300,000.00 - $500,000.00 if I recall correctly...

    1. Hello, can you advise why you are talking about the Evergreen Me-109 G-10 in your comment when these 2 posts I have published here are about an entirely different a/c?

  6. I wish the EADS people would just buy it. Then it could be correctly restored and FLOWN. It sickens me to see the evergreen Bf109G10-U4 and Fw190D12 Poorly restored with no chance of ever wearing their original correct paint scemes. Someone needs to save them from those hacks.

  7. I wish the EADS operation would purchase this aircraft. It deserves to be correctly restored and FLOWN. At the risk of being Blasted by Mr Neyens, I would like to comment on the two sad crates at Evergreen (which I am fully aware have absolutely nothing to do with the aircraft in this or the earlier post).It sickens me to see Two potentially100 percent authentic aircraft(Bf109G10-U4 and Fw190D9) so poorly "restored"having no chance of ever wearing their original paint schemes. They also deserve to be correctly restored and flown.