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Monday, March 12, 2012

For Sale - Bronze Sculpture by Noted Belgian Artist Jean-Michel Folon...And Now For Something Completely Different!

When I started my online odyssey in late-2009 with an aviation enthusiast's website/blog, I could not have foreseen the wonderful items I've been able to help market on behalf of their owners.

The wonderful bronze sculpture offered here is a perfect case in point - 'La Fontaine aux Oiseaux' (The Bird Fountain), by the late Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon, who passed away at age 71 in 2005.

The item offered is 1 of the 2 made, and the mold was destroyed after they were created. What's particularly interesting about this bronze is that you've likely seen the the sister bronze 'La Fontaine aux Oiseaux' many times, as it stood for many years in the Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, facing the Grand Casino and right across from the Hotel du Paris and Cafe du Paris from 1994 until 2007, when Prince Albert had it installed at the Place de la Visitation, nearer the palace.

The 'La Fontaine aux Oiseaux' that is now available was purchased in 2003 by a friend of the current owner directly from the artist Jean-Michel Folon, after being introduced to him the same year. Since then, the sculpture has been stored, still in the crate, and warehoused since he bought it. A selection of photographs follow, showing this whimsical and wonderful bronze sculpture after its partial removal from its wooden crate.

Specifications of 'La Fontaine aux Oiseaux' (The Bird Fountain):

Material: Bronze
Statue Height: 80 inches (6' 8")
Base Height: 10 inches
Base Width: 82 inches (6' 10 ")
Arm extension with the bird: 36 inches (3 feet, the extended arm with bird reaches to near the edge of the base.
1 of 2 cast
Cast has been destroyed

There were three additional bronzes by Mr. Folon called 'La Fontaine aux Oiseaux' as well, but they are a different configuration. All, needless to say, are beautiful, fully-functioning water fountains.

The sculpture on offer is the only one in private hands today.

There is a museum dedicated to Folon, the Fondation Folon located in the Domaine Solvay park at La Hulpe, Belgium in the Ferme du Château de la Hulpe, where more than three hundred of his works are exhibited (watercolors, paintings, sculptures, engravings, objects, posters and illustrations).

See the following Pinterest page with more examples of Mr. Folon's artworks:

Biography of the Artist:

Jean-Michel Folon’s connection with the New York City Art and Cultural community, with whom he experienced his first international success, began circa 1960 with the artist’s work beginning to enjoy major public exposure when he sent drawings to various magazines including Horizon, Esquire and The New Yorker, which published them without having yet met Mr. Folon. By 1967, Fortune and Atlantic Monthly continue to publish his drawings in the United States, and Time publishes 4 covers over subsequent years.

Mr. Folon’s prolific career included book illustrations for Ray Bradbury and Franz Kafka, as well as decades of successful exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Monaco, the USA and elsewhere. Mr. Folon’s artistry evolves throughout his remaining years, including paintings and sculptures utilizing a variety of materials.

Mr. Folon was a noted champion of world peace, the environment, child welfare, and other social causes. For Amnesty International in 1988, he illustrated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, published in the 6 official UN languages, prefaced by Javier Pérez de Cuéllar. In 2003, he was appointed a Unicef ambassador, and the President of the French Republic decorated him with the Order of the Légion of Honor at the Elysée Palace.

Mr. Folon passed away in 2005 at age 71. His strong connections and success in America, particularly the 1960s in New York, where he first gained international prominence, as well as his unwavering commitment to social causes, ensure that the wonderful legacy of Mr. Folon and his connection to the New York and American art scenes remain most significant today, and his message and artworks will certainly remain meaningful and relevant, inspiring our future generations by his exemplary creativity and kindness to all humankind. Serious interested parties only are invited to contact me regarding this wonderful offering privately via email at

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