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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sold - 1918 Fokker D.VIII "Flying Razor" Replica

Editor's note: Sold and back with the family of the builder.

     Known as the "Flying Razor" by virtue of its parasol-type wing, the radical Fokker D.VIII fighter  had a high rate of climb, excellent twin-gun armament and it was difficult for Allied pilots to spot during combat. While it was never fully developed and was rushed into front-line combat service prematurely, the D.VIII scored Germany's last air-to-air victory of WW I prior to the Armistice.
This wonderful, hand-built D.VIII replica was recently finished and it is a full-scale (1:1) replica with high attention to detail and authenticity. Features include a tubular steel frame, Irish linen wing coverings, working control surfaces, a 125-hp Franklin four-cylinder aircraft engine, folding wings for ease of storage, and much more. Authentic finishes, markings, multicolor "lozenge"  camouflage, and a highly detailed cockpit with real instruments round out the package. 
To be sold at auction August 25th. It will make a wonderful addition to any aviation collection or museum and it will serve to educate all onlookers as no original D.VIIIs remain in existence today. 

Auction Information
 Collector Cars, Replica WW I Fighter, Boats, Marine Engines., Toys, Folk Art and Memorabilia
Auction Date: August 25, 2012
Start Time: 10:30 am
Sale Location:7398 Cavan Road,Bewdley,Ontario (NE of Oshawa near HWY 401)
Directions: HWY 401 East to HWY 28 North. Proceed 13 KM to the 9th Concession, then go east 1 km toSackville Bridge Road. Turn north toCavan Road, turn right and go over the bridge to sale location on North side of road.
 Food and refreshments will also be available for all bidders and visitors.

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