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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sold - Classic Aero Engines and Propellers

For classic aviation enthusiasts, we have several exciting late additions to the upcoming August 25 auction by Brock and Seven Auctions in Bewdley, Ontario.

Among them are a DeHavilland Gipsy Major (used in the DH82 Tiger Moth) aircraft engine and a Kinner 5-cylinder (Fleet Finch, Ryan Recruit) radial engine.

Propellers are a wooden unit manufactured in 1942 for a DeHavilland Gipsy Major for use in a DH82 Tiger Moth trainer, while the other is a steel McCauley "Kliptip" (so-named for the squared-off tips).

For full information and to make bidder arrangements, contact Maurice Jones at Brock and Seven Auctions at 905-424-8276 or using the Contact page at

Kinner 5-Cylinder Radial Engine-used in Fleet Finch and Ryan Recruit training aircraft during WW II.

DeHavilland Gipsy Major Engine, as used in WW II DH82 Tiger Moth biplane training aircraft.

The Gipsy is well-maintained and stored. Crank turns and internals are good. The only flaw is that the front cylinder ("jug") is missing. This happened without explanation to the owner after the Gipsy was returned from a museum which displayed the unit during a loan from the current owner!

Wooden propeller (mfg. 1942) for use on a DH Gipsy Major engine and likely for a DH82 Tiger Moth aircraft.

McCauley steel "Kliptip" propeller for a more modern light aircraft.

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