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Thursday, October 17, 2013

SOLD - Handsome 1948 Packard Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan

As the first new postwar model line from Packard, the 22nd Series debuted in August 1947 and replaced the Clipper. Since Packard did not limit itself to regular model-year changeovers, unlike its "Big Three" rivals, the cars were sold unchanged until May 1949. In addition to its modern streamlined design, the new Packard line delivered an exceptional driving experience that remains quite impressive today. Advanced mechanical features included powerful, high-torque inline eight-cylinder engines, the “Electromatic” power-assisted clutch, overdrive, and a rigid new chassis frame. Functional Art Deco-influenced interiors included well-placed instrument clusters and controls, tasteful wood grain trim, and very comfortable seats with integral arm rests. High-profile accolades included the new Packard’s selection as the “Car of the Year” for 1948 by the New York Fashion Academy and today, Packard’s 22nd Series models are regarded as strong classic-car choices by today’s collectors and enthusiasts.

This Packard Model 2262 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan from 1948 is a very nice and highly drivable example throughout with a highly attractive and well-executed two-tone exterior refinish and an outstanding restored interior with fresh carpeting that simply must be seen. The instruments are in working order except for the fuel-level indicator and clock. While not detailed, the engine compartment and powerful 288 cubic-inch inline ‘eight’ are clean, well-maintained, and complete with the proper accessories and components in place. 

Brightwork is complete and quite nice overall, with some pitting in evidence around the rear bumper guard. The chassis is factory stock, with the frame having an older repaint. While not detailed, the chassis appears solid, well-maintained, and proper in overall appearance throughout. Tires are newer period-style wide whitewall radial tires with very little wear. The trunk compartment is very clean and fitted with new carpeting to match the interior. A spare wheel, tire, hubcap, jack, and tire iron/lug wrench are all in place.

A recent test drive confirms the Packard starts on command, idles, runs, and shifts very well, with the engine delivering good power and torque and the power-assisted clutch and overdrive operating as they should. The exhaust system is recent and complete. While the brakes did pull to the right on the first stop, the condition improved subsequently and proper adjustment should correct it. The car continues to exhibit Packard’s typically excellent ride quality and it is remarkably quiet and very comfortable on the road with no squeaks or rattles and low wind noise. The main windows and vent windows open and close easily, the glass appears original and good, and the doors and trunk lid open and close easily with good fits and solidity. In short, this vehicle is a highly attractive, high-quality postwar classic that can be enjoyed and toured in comfort and with confidence.

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