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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another Excellent Detailing Video - Restoring an Irreplaceable Paint Finish

Thank you for the feedback on the last post on the amazing detailing work that returned the Irish Green finish on the 1966 Porsche 912 coupe to beauty. The best part of the detailing process was the car owner's realization that the car needed to be properly assessed, then carefully cleaned and detailed methodically in stages, before performing a quickie wash and then attempting to have the car stripped and repainted. They are only original once and all too often in my business, I see cars that have clearly been repainted, sometimes poorly, when all they really needed was just some tender loving care.

In this video, Larry returns the original finish of a super-rare Ferrari 288 GTO to splendor. This time, he deals with the paint finish on three different body materials used on the car. The best part is that all of his advice, techniques, and tips apply to your daily driver or Sunday show car equally well. Enjoy!

Our second video hails from the dark side - watch, repeat, and discuss...

Maybe we'd better hook Larry up with the owner of this Enzo! I think his services will be needed.

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