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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Watch as a Professional Resurrects the Paint Finish on a "Barn Find" Classic Porsche

If you are into classic cars, as I suspect you are, check out the video below. It's via the Flat website at ( In it, professional detailer Larry Kosilla works pure magic to erase 23 years of barn storage and grime to bring this proud early Porsche 912 from 1966 to its truly remarkable splendor. The video is quite lengthy but fascinating. If nothing else, you will gain a true appreciation for the artistry of a professional detailer - it is far more than washing, waxing, and buffing for sure and to many people, worth every penny.

As the post stated, "In case you're wondering, while the video doesn't show it, the owner changed the oil and plugs and drained the gas before starting up his newly refreshed Porsche." Sounds like typical Porsche quality and durability to me! Glad to see this groovy old Porsche looking good again!


  1. Just loved the content of this one.
    I think that this detailer needs a raise!

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